Daniel Torea is a producer specialized in sound and music, defining the sound identity of his projects, has work for video games, labels, short films and commercials, specializing in world music and orchestra, but introducing electronic music techniques and mixing styles. Based in Paris, Torea create and produce videos for the international market, also compose music for images producing large orchestrations, with section of violins, metal winds, drums… and all the instruments that an orchestra could have, and making adaptations in compositions for make a perfect mix between world music, sound and images.

Passionate about world music and a specialist in Celtic music, he is able to mix classical orchestral film music with styles and instruments ranging from the duduk of Armenia, the shakuhachi of Japan, bagpipes of Scotland and Ireland or Bulgarian singers, to give some examples.

Films and artistic video projects was the best way to explain a story. But today a hole new world it’s opening the doors: Video games. Video games belong explain a story from multiples points of views, the interaction with the game, the number of hours that we should play, the fact that our decisions have consequences and of course, the possibility of put the music and the sound in every single moment of the game where the composer exactly wants, make of video games a world completely great and full of possibilities from music and sound identity, as a part of the story.

The fact of composing for the cinema format and the capacity of give a sound identity to his projects, has led him to work for commercials and advertising, working for the prestigious agency BBDO for campaigns such as tourism in Andalusia or Nestlé among others, reaching thousands of people.

His work as a sound designer stands out, where he mixes electronic techniques together with music and atypical instruments to achieve totally original effects created specially for the project and integrating them into the musical context.

Finally, a lot of managing locution sessions,directing the artists, the studios and their schedules made Torea specially accurate in details and influenced in his workflow and organisation methods.